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Here at Ryedale Garden Photography, we focus on photography days and tuition based at some of the regions finest country houses and gardens.

Working closely with our partners, we are able to offer access to gardens with extended opening times in order to capture the gardens before as well as during normal visiting times.

Working in small groups, you will be guided to key areas of the gardens to make the most of your time there. You will receive advice and support from a qualified teacher with many years experience.


A half day session costs £50 per person and includes your ticket for the garden on that day. If you are booked on a morning session, you will be able to enjoy the garden for the rest of the day.

Who is this for?

Our sessions are ideal for beginner photographers or those who are new to digital photography, but all are welcome. They are a great way to explore a new garden and spend a morning or afternoon with like-minded people, while picking up advice on photography.

We prefer not to do formal teaching and instead we work with people as individuals within the group, so we can cater for different abilities.

We cover a range of areas such as composition, exposure, focus, manual camera settings, aperture and shutter speed. We can also look at more experimental techniques and ideas such as long exposures to capture movement, zoom effects and out of focus photography.

Typical itinerary:

8:45 Meet up with your group and session leader in the car park for a short briefing.

9:00 Move to the first location of the morning where we will usually have the grounds to ourselves. We will start to take images here. Although we are working with a small group, we see the tuition as an individual process and your session leader will discuss with you what you want to learn and also review your images and suggest improvements. We will also suggest possible strategies and approaches to the location.

09:45 Move to our second location of the day. Here we will continue to take images, practice new compositions and experiment with different camera settings. We will also suggest possible strategies and approaches to the location.

10:45 Our final location of the morning will allow you to further develop your skills and get further feedback and advice to get the most out of the location.

11:45 Return to the car park. For morning sessions, your ticket will allow you access to the garden all day, so feel free to grab a drink and some food at the café or restaurant before heading back out in to the garden if you wish to.

What to bring:

A camera: It seems obvious but bring a camera along. It doesn’t have to be a Digital SLR camera, although that will give you greater control over your images. A compact camera with a manual setting is also a good option. Whilst not as flexible, even a phone camera can produce great images. We will work with you and whatever you have.

A tripod: This is particularly useful in low light conditions and will allow you to experiment with a range of different exposures.

A fully charged battery: Cold weather can increase the battery use so fully charged batteries are a must. Spare batteries are also a good idea. It’s surprising how many shots you can get through, even on a half day course.

Appropriate clothing and footwear: We will run the course no matter the weather conditions so appropriate outdoor clothing is required. Check the weather and dress accordingly. The great British weather can also leave gardens quite wet at points in the year so comfortable walking boots or wellingtons may be a good idea.

Sundries: You could, but don’t have to, bring spare memory cards, additional lenses, lens cleaning kit, a drink, mobile phone and the instruction manual for your camera.

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